One week from today……………

I cannot believe that we are coming down to the final week of preparation before heading off to Uganda. God has been preparing our hearts for this for a long, long time. This morning I was looking back over the past year in my journal and I was humbled by how faithful God has been to answer our prayers. Even as I am sitting here typing, I cannot believe His faithfulness in just TODAY!!! How do I put into words the way my Father has woven hundreds of truths into our hearts and lives so intricately that …………… I am at a loss for words?! This blog post is my best human attempt at communicating the perfect Godly design at work in and around us TODAY.

As the departure date approaches, I can’t help but wonder as a mom how my kids are really dealing with this whole “Uganda Thing”. So, I watch them, listen to them and talk to them (as a good psychologist should, you know, to be sure they are not suppressing anger, tearing off doll heads and inuring animals).

This morning I was walking out of my bedroom and Jackson and Lilly yelled at me, “Stop! Do not come in here!”

Of course I wanted to know why, but Jackson assured me, “Just have some more coffee and go back to bed mom. We are doing something. But DO NOT come in here.”

As I walked back into my room, I heard Lilly asking him, “You didn’t tell her what we are doing did you? It is a surprise.”

So, I went back to my room trying not to stress out that I have 3 million things to do this week to get ready. I knew this was important to the kids so I started reading over my journal. I could see the biggest thing that God has been doing in my heart since about November (when we went to The Journey Deepens retreat) was faith in letting God provide for us financially.

When we started this journey, I didn’t want to have to ask for financial support from people. I thought that “business as a mission” (where John or I would get paid) was what we needed to do. Why should two college-educated adults with kids quit their jobs and rely on other people for money?! That did not make sense to my prideful heart.

I am so thankful and so humbled that He took my cruddy, arrogant attitude and changed it, radically:

First of all, who am I that I should tell God that I will go and serve Him on missions, but that I wanted to do it my way? (My face is red with embarrassment just typing that.)

Second of all, He owns ALL things, they belong to Him (even if I do not believe it).

Third of all, He is blessing others by allowing them to give to His ministries. Why should we not want people to be blessed?

Fourth of all, by seeing Him provide through others He is increasing our faith. He is revealing His power. He is showing us His love! We could have passed that up!

I walked away from my journal, thinking, “Whoa!”  My kids came to get me and showed me how they had “cleaned” the whole house just so I wouldn’t have to do it before we go to Uganda. Lilly smiled and said, “I can’t wait to go to Uganda.”

Then, I checked my email only to learn that we had over $3500 donated to us at church yesterday. I forwarded the email to John and he called me IN TEARS! Do you know why? He told me about his time with Lord this morning (while I was sleeping). He was filled with anxiety about how we were financially going to pull this off, what if, what if, what if……and God said, “Stop! Do not go there. I am your provider, not you. Ask me. See what happens. Ask me.” John felt a peace wash over Him. He got on his knees and asked, boldly. He asked God to show him – today. Hours later he received the email that I sent him about the donation. He too was learning this morning about God providing and increasing our faith.

This is the God we serve! I can’t believe that I WANTED to pass up this opportunity!

That was just TODAY! It does not include last week when we had to buy malaria pills for our family for $1000 and then the very next day John was handed $1000 by a friend. This does not include the sweet little girl during post-planning who gave me over $40 of crumpled up cash out of her own piggy-bank. This whole situation has hit home with her since she was adopted as a baby. How cool that God is allowing her this blessing.

God owns ALL things, ALL things belong to Him. He has access to everything and anything. He graciously allows us to participate in His service, but He does not NEED us. It is with great honor that we are asking you to support us financially. GICF has now set up a way to do this. They have added us to their website:

If all goes well this summer, we are looking to be in Uganda full-time by January of 2014. We have tried to budget what we think we will need when we are there full-time. It looks like we need to raise about $50,000 a year. This will pay for travel, insurance, food, car, utilities, etc. If you are interested in supporting us monthly or with a one-time donation below you will find how to do that. Right now, we are only doing this through checks, but will later be able to do it monthly by credit card.

Please make checks payable to Grace International Children’s Foundation, and mail them to:

Grace International Children’s Foundation

5121 FM 359
Richmond, TX 77406

You should put one of the following codes on the memo line. Our names should not appear on the check please, just the code. It is fine if you want to send a separate piece of paper or a letter confirming that it is a designated gift supporting our ministry. The code to be used should be one of the following:

“Miss OD”

“Miss OD Corp”   (if you are making a corporation donation)

“Miss OD Non”    (if you are making a non-profit donation)

Thank you all for reading, praying and encouraging us.


4 thoughts on “One week from today……………

  1. We definitely plan to be a part of your support team! We wouldn’t want to miss out on the blessing! I am teaching “The Treasure Principle” by Randy Alcorn. Excellent but convicting. I have experienced the joy of giving for many years, and am trying to grow beyond my “comfort zone”. It is really different when you are retired and are trying to figure out how much is enough to finish the course with no idea how long or difficult that course might be. I guess that is why we are to live the Christian life just like we entered it: by faith. Start to finish, whether in missions or not. Please pray for us as we pray for you.

    We love you VERY MUCH!

    Clarke & Rita

  2. Sermon today was right in line with your adventure. “I will follow you wherever you go.” Luke 9:57

    We love you guys! Safe travels! Take good care of Jackson and Lils, please!

  3. So proud of my friends! I pray for your safety and His will. May your paths be straight, fruitful, and revealing of a Father’s perfect love

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