Our Week in a Banana Peel

Everyone knows that Africa is poor. Everyone knows that Africa is big. Everyone knows that Africa is hot. Everyone does not know how Africa makes you feel. I only know how it makes me feel right now this very minute. I say that because it changes by the hour, or sometimes by the minute. 

I think I will begin at the beginning…..

Our friend Gary drove us with our 8 checked bags, 4 carry-on bags and 4 backpacks to the airport. Our plane ride was fun, at first. Jackson and I decided it was like being rich with servants waiting on you hand and foot. Everything was at your disposal (except leg room). The only thing that was not done for us was using the restroom. We had 2 meals per flight and snacks. We each had our own screen in front of us with a remote control. We could watch endless hours of movies, T.V., music, etc. (If only there had been a “sleep” button.) I am pretty sure we were on the plane for an entire week! Seriously, it was sooooooooooooooooo long. 


We met up with the Texas team in Amsterdam. They are such a GREAT team of people. There are 19 of us in all. This group includes the president of GICF, Rob Marshall and his wife, Cathy. They will be heading out this Wednesday. You can check out there blog from the trip here: gracetripuganda.wordpress.com

We arrived in Entebee on Tuesday night, loaded all of our bags onto 3 vans and rode to the nearest hotel. This hotel is located on the enormous Lake Victoria. (You can see it from space!) After someone showed me how to use the shower, I cleaned up the spilled soap that leaked in our bags, had a mini processing session with the family, we crawled under our mosquito nets and fell asleep to the sound of dogs barking at about 1:00 am. 





We left there bright and early the next morning and went to the secondary school to visit with the older Lulwanda children who go there. That was really a blessing. They were all so kind and polite. It was here that Lilly decided to use her first Ugandan toilet. Wow.




We drove to Kampala where we ate a fabulous lunch and shopped at a local market. Then drove for 4-5 hours to Mbale. We checked into the beautiful Mt. Elgon Hotel. We are currently spending our last night here before moving to the compound for the rest of the trip.(Good-bye WiFi and air conditioner.)


Thursday we enjoyed our first day at Lulwanda Children’s Home. We were greeted with hugs by all of the staff and the children. Everyone was so excited that we were there. The students were busy practicing for a huge music competition that takes place next Friday (and we get to see it!). We got a tour of the facilities and met some of the teachers. 




Friday Jackson woke up feeling a little sick (exhaustion I believe). He and I stayed back at the hotel for the morning. We gave ourselves a tour of the hotel grounds. Do you see what we saw in the tree?



Saturday we also spent the whole day at Lulwanda playing games, making art, eating lunch and giving out lots of hugs. 




The food is good, rice at every meal. Beans too usually. The kids (including John) like that they serve all soda in glass bottles. 🙂 We drink tons and tons of water and eat the best fresh fruit ever! 



Sunday we went to the worship service right outside of the compound. I was brought to tears by the singing and dancing being done in that room for the Lord. How could I ever complain about my circumstances when there are people crowded onto wooden benches, laps full of children, sweating and giving eggs and mangos for an offering? Humbling.


So, here we are one week gone by. Only 3 weeks are left and day by day a piece of our hearts are being taken by the people of Uganda. 

Words cannot express our thanks for your prayers. We can actually FEEL them. It is an amazing feeling to know that we are being carried by the prayers of God’s people. Please continue to pray for us in the following ways:

– our health and safety

– upcoming meetings with different community leaders

– deepening relationships with the staff and children of Lulwanda

– peace and clarity about the calling we are receiving and constant leadership from the Holy Spirit


Oh, and here is one photo for my former TSS students:



15 thoughts on “Our Week in a Banana Peel

  1. The pictures are awesome! We love all of the smiles. Glad Lilly was a trooper with the squatty potty! We can’t wait to hear and see more. We love all of you so much.

  2. We love you and miss you already. Lifting you in prayer as The Lord protects, provides, and guides! Sending many hugs!

  3. Just one week has been filled to the brim with new and wonderful experiences. I will be praying for everyone. The Lord will give you the answers to your questions! Take care, Alisa Brown & Family

  4. Love your post Bobbi! My prayers are for you to have clarity about what God has planned for you! Love y’all!

  5. I so enjoyed this post. Parker has taken it upon himself to pray for Jackson specifically on a regular basis. Something must have clicked there. I look for to reading and hearing more. We love you Palmers.

  6. We are so amazed by the incredible journey God has taken you guys on so far! Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us…it’s as close as some of us can get to experiencing it for ourselves (right now)! We love you & are glad you are feeling our prayers;)

  7. We really enjoyed your photos and detailed account of your trip so far. So interesting! Thanks for including the picture of the goat! Harrison loved it! Praying for y’all.

    The Rogers Family

  8. We miss you and love you all! Thank you for the honest updates. We will continue to pray for a continued, daily refreshing of the Holy Spirit. The children in the orphanage are very lucky!

  9. I’m Chandler Reeve’s aunt, Beth. I love this and am gonna be praying for you guys and keeping up with all the wonderful things God is gonna do thru yall! Salt and light in a dark world! You go girl!

  10. I am Chandler’s aunt. Kate told me about you! I love what yall are doing and I am gonna be watching and praying for yall! Kate says Hi! and she wants you to go to town more often, we love the posts!

  11. Hey Bobbie & John,enjoyed seeing all your photos and comments on your amazing journey,keeping you in prayer,love to to all of you,and God bless you.Linda & Ken Doker

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