“Mom, why is the coffee grinder in the bathroom?”

The Palmer World has been forever changed and is in the midst of changing even as I type.  Many things have happened over the past few months. Our time to leave for Uganda is quickly approaching (though not yet set in stone). It seems that we have made more life-altering decisions in the past month than we have made over our whole marriage of 14 years.

God has been revealing His glory in all sorts of places. Each time we are humbled. Sincerely humbled. We are caught with our mouths hanging wide-open in disbelief at God’s grace, mercy and provision. When God wants something to be, it is.

The golf tournament was a HUGE success. So many people came out to show their support. It was amazing! God raised $29,000 that day alone. Unbelievable. Except it happened, so believe it!


We had our estate sale last weekend. We had many emotions about that. We went through every nook and cranny in our house and pulled out things dating back to our births.  We had some laughs at old photos, compared elementary test scores, relived the births of our children and had to explain who “The California Raisins” were. We threw out old trophies, certificates of perfect attendance, nametags, Boy Scout badges (yes he was) band awards (he is multi-talented), ceramic unicorns (fortunately me) and trinkets. Keepsakes. Keep for the sake of what? Incase someone doesn’t know all that I accomplished on this earth and I have to pull it out and prove it? When God says do not store up treasures here on earth, He knew what He was talking about. It is not fun to get rid of.

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It is so strange because we feel a sense of relief and sadness at the same time. Jackson and Lilly have done well so far. They were each able to choose toys to bring with them and toys to keep “forever” at Grandma’s house (their own keepsakes). The rest they sold in the sale. God brought so many people over to play with them last weekend that their minds stayed busy. Neighbors baked and iced cupcakes for them to sell and they made a small fortune.

I was worried how our house was going to feel with pretty much nothing in it. When we came home from church on Sunday Lilly said, with a smile on her face, “It feels like we live in a new house”. Jackson got to bounce a bouncy ball in the dining room for hours without fear of breaking anything.

Oh, we are not finished yet. We have to pack up what we did keep, send some stuff to their new owners and clean the house from top-to-bottom. Things are very out of place right now because it was just shoved into places that were not open for the estate sale. Just this week Jackson walked into my bathroom and said, “Mom, why is the coffee grinder in the bathroom?” I responded with, “The same reason the cheese grater is in my closet.” Not sure if he understood, but he hasn’t asked any more questions about it. Simply put, we are not home yet.

If you feel led to support us, the time is now my friends. We would love to reach our goal by the end of this month. Many of you have already signed up to support us and we appreciate that so very much. Each time we get an email message that support has arrived we are filled with joy. Many of you have asked what is the best way to support us financially. Our response is, by a reoccurring monthly donation either by credit card or check. You can do this through your own online banking or through the GICF website. Please go to www.ugandaorphans.org and the details will be provided there when you click on our picture.

Please continue to pray for our family. Here are some specific ways you can do this:

1.     For Jackson and Lilly to be able to process all of these changes in a healthy way.

2.     For John and I to be unified in the many, many decisions we have to make during this process.

3.     For our family to adjust well to the new culture. (We will be at risk for depression from culture shock for at least 6 months.)

4.     For new friendships to be prepared for our family.

5.     For the Holy Spirit to constantly remind us to glorify the Lord in all aspects of what we are doing.

6.     To grow in us a deep love and respect for the people we are serving and working with.


3 thoughts on ““Mom, why is the coffee grinder in the bathroom?”

  1. I’m praying for you n your family! I’m glad Clay had the experience to have you as a teacher. Our school has a special close bond with the ugandan orphans also!! Thank you for allowing us to experience your journey with you!!!

  2. How we rejoice with you as we read of all that God is doing! He is SOOOO faithful, and He isn’t finished with amazing you yet!! You are deeply loved and included in our prayers.

  3. Hello Palmer’s: Pam Hart sent me your blog and asked about you visiting our Monday night Bible study. Will you be in the Conyers area Monday January 13th? If so could you share with the class for a few minutes? Email if this is a possibility. Thanks, Rusty

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