New Dogs, Old Tricks

We have dogs.  Those who know me, understand why this is such a big deal.  Our family has never had a dog before, or a cat, or a hamster or even a fish. Now before you start feeling sorry for my kids you should know that we did have rabbits once, for about 4 months.  It was a really hot summer, bless their hearts.  

Back to the topic at hand, the dogs.  We now have 2 German Shepard (or Germany Shepards as our vet calls them) puppies named Lovey and Oreo.  They are the future guard dogs of The Palmer household.  They are cute. There, I said it.


We have learned many new tricks over the past month.  (I know, I can’t believe it has been a month! Seems like we just left Georgia.) We wanted to share some of our proudest with you all.

John has learned:

– How to drive on the opposite side of the road (and car).


– How to install a reverse osmosis water system in a kitchen cabinet. (google it)

– How to eat a white ant. (I told ya’ll he was a boy scout.)


– How to hail a boda boda and shop at the market. (Lucky for me!)


Bobbi has learned:

– How to prepare jackfruit. (Don’t care to do that again.)


– How to crank a generator. (Unless it is out of gas.)

– How to pasteurize fresh (ish) milk.


– How to cook with a headlamp on. (and off)


Jackson and Lilly have learned:

– How to find and dig up cassava roots. (Then dump them in my kitchen)

– How to climb a mango tree and eat green mangos. (Don’t want to eat too many of those   



– How to light a gas stove and cook scrambled eggs. (Breakfast in bed is in my future.) 


– How to take care of puppies. (So I don’t have to.)


All four of us are learning a new language – mpola mpola (slowly, slowly), making new friends, trying new foods and getting used to a new house.  God is forever faithful and kind as we are adjusting. He continues to bless us and provide for us in many ways. Thank you all for your prayers and support and encouraging messages. Please continue to cover us in prayer.  We cannot say enough about how much your prayers carry us in this ministry.  If you want to receive the monthly prayer calendars please email us: 




5 thoughts on “New Dogs, Old Tricks

  1. I am so Excited to hear Lilly finally got a “killer puppy” Lol!! We miss you all ang your always in our prayers! Hugs to the family!

  2. This is Amazing!! We will add you and your precious family to our daily prayers. Love the Post, I can totally hear your funniness( if that’s a word) as I read!;)

  3. Well, God brought you to mind three times today! When He brings people to my mind I feel like it is so that I can pray for them:) so, this is the third time I’ve gotten to pray for you all today:-) and I figured I’d try to find your blog so I can see how you are all doing. I loved reading it and seeing all of the pictures! I often wonder about it all, what it looks like, etc. so thank you for sharing. And I will continue to pray. I have your picture on my desk so I can see you very day. (And I would much rather smile at your picture, than look at the mess all around it). You are sure missed!

    Lots of love and prayers!!
    Kim Weaver

  4. How do you eat a white ant or any ant for that matter? God bless you all. I have always grown up with animals so I am excited for the kids to have these cute pups. As a child I had a german shepherd we raised from a pup named Fritz and he was the most kind, playful and loving dog. He will protect his family for sure but hope it never comes to that. Thanks again for keeping in touch. MaryLou

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