The name pot-luck says it all, doesn’t it? Everyone brings a pot of something and you might get lucky and actually enjoy one or two things. This blog post is sort of like that. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to share so I am sharing everything (well, not every, everything) and maybe you will get lucky and read something you enjoy.

First item on the menu is the sports competition (a.k.a. track meet). Our children at Lulwanda had a sub-county track meet last week. We had a wonderful time cheering them on! There were many events and we placed in several of them. We came in first place overall! Next week, some of our top athletes will go on to the next level representing our sub-county.






There are many things to do while at a sports competition. You can watch the events, of course, but you can also buy snacks, climb trees, rest, play football, hangout with your friends etc.






Next up is Climbing Mt. Wanale. It is a huge mountain that you can see from all of Mbale. We went with several short-term missionaries that have climbed it before. We were joined by some local village kids (who made pretty good mockingbirds as they could imitate us very well). We hiked up steep rock ledges, through narrow, over-grown paths, past vertically grown gardens, past marriage proposals (I said no), up a ladder (a.k.a. gigantic pile of sticks), to the most beautiful overlook/waterfall that I have ever seen. Jackson and Lilly did an impressive job and their only complaint was that we went too slow and wouldn’t let them get closer to the edges of the cliffs (John said no).






Our next item is fun news! Lilly is officially a reader!! She finished her phonics book and can now read “real” books. To celebrate, we invited her favorite local babysitters to our house for dinner and cake. Lilly read a story for everyone.


Next, it is rainy season here, which means lots of planting and produce. We have gotten our first round of avocados from our own trees and our first sweet bananas (well, they will be sweet once they ripen in a few days)!!!!


Another offer for you to enjoy is end-of-term break from school. The kids from Lulwanda are on break and the Secondary kids are home from boarding school so we get to spend the next few weeks doing what we really want to do most – love on and play with the children of Lulwanda. The first thing Lilly, the girls and I did was paint our nails for Easter! John and the older boys played football (soccer) and Jackson played with the new puppies at LCH (I am just surrounded with cute and cuddly these days aren’t I?) and learned how to make bird traps.


IMG_0932The last thing we have to offer you is Easter! This was our first holiday here in Uganda. We had a Passover Seder, watched The Passion and colored eggs. We also hosted the monthly cookout for the missional community. There were about 70 people here! Some were short-termers, some were visitors, some were long-termers and some citizens. There were many different countries represented. Everyone helped by bringing food (Potluck, do you see the theme here?) and chairs and tables. We even had an egg hunt for the kids. It is such a blessing to have a family here to celebrate with.









I think that is it, that is all we have to offer in this pot-luck edition of The Palmer Post. I hope you find something to enjoy because as my dad always says, “If you walk away hungry, it is your own fault.” (Well, that might not actually apply here, but it was fun to say.)

Thanks for your faithful prayers! We love you and miss our friends and family very much. Usually not all on the same day, so we can encourage one another. Please keep the prayers, emails and texts coming. We love them.


12 thoughts on “Potluck.

  1. absolutely love the pictures and your summary! so glad to see your smiling faces. We are still praying for you all. That picture of Jackson in the top of the tree is hilarious..

  2. What a wonderful post. Everyone looks great. I don’t know about that stick mountain!!! Blessing and prayers for continued joy, health, success and all of the good things!

  3. Thank you for such a great post. I am glad everyone is well. I love the picture and the boy with the Texans shirt! I don’t know about that stick mountain!! Blessings and prayers for continued joy, health, success and every good thing!!

  4. I feel as though I hit the “jackPOT” as I loved EVERYTHING in this post, and, especially, the 4 Palmers! Seriously, it was excellent, and fun to read and look at all of the photos. Very encouraging.

  5. Love your matching outfits! Everyone looks so happy with all the festivities. Love all the photos and what is happening in your lives that you post. God be with you.

  6. So encouraging to read your post! The family enjoyed the pictures! How amazing to race without shoes! I should try that…ok, no I won’t! 🙂 Keep bringing the news. It’s so fun to share with my friends!

  7. I love reading your posts & seeing all the pictures is so much fun! I love seeing how much Lilly and Jackson are growing up. It is so amazing to see how far your family has come & how God is using all of you. LOVED the Easter outfits too! 🙂

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