All Things New

After recovering from all the holiday fun, we realized that we really, really missed those big secondary kids hanging around everywhere. All the younger kids were back in school and we had no one to play with. So, we had to do some “real” work, you know, grown-up stuff.

John has been working with Farmer James on the Lulwanda farm. It is coming along nicely. We have maize, beans, potatoes and lots of rice. We are hoping for a good harvest and for wisdom on how to improve it for the next planting season.


Even the pigs at Lulwanda have been busy. We have 12 new piglets with more on the way. Thanks to a little farming education, and his keen observation skills, Jackson is now a wiser younger man when it comes to animal husbandry (wiser than I wanted him to be at this point).


John and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. It was fun talking about how we are finally doing what we knew we would one day be doing, full-time missionary work. For those of you who know John, flowers mark every anniversary. This year was no different (well, it was a little different).


We have been to our first Introduction Ceremony and Wedding. An Introduction is basically where a man and his family pay a dowry for a girl’s hand in marriage. If the dowry is accepted, then permission for marriage is granted by the daughter’s family and everyone celebrates. Even Lilly was invited to participate in the ceremony. The wedding and reception followed the Introduction. We had such a fun time. It was so fun to be a part of such a tradition here in Uganda.

We, of course, wore the official attire. Lilly and I wore a gomas and John and Jackson a con-sole (or a man-dress as John calls it). Lilly had the most fun picking out her gomas. The shiny material, the colorful buttons, all of the special attention……..she was in heaven.





Our next round of “play-dates” have begun. As you know from the last blog-post, we had the Secondary kids over for the slumber parties. Now, we are working on getting all of the Primary kids to come over to play. We had Nursery through Primary 3 over a few weekends ago. It was so much fun. The girls were in heaven with Lilly’s dolls and toys! We had water gun fights, cooked lunch, played football, painted nails, popped popcorn and watched a movie. It warmed my heart to see these kids having fun at our house.






Two things we want to share with you so you can rejoice with us:

John got his 2 year work permit!!! This was no easy task. Hallelujah!


Many of you bought our support t-shirts and we are so grateful. With the money from that last order we bought a dryer!! During the rainy season it is so difficult to dry our clothes before they mildew and during the dry season mango worms are an issue. So this is such a big blessing to our family. Thank you, thank you!


So, Term 2 is in full swing for the Lulwanda kids. Summer vacation is in full swing for Jackson and Lilly. Perfect timing really because we are getting ready for “Team Season”. During the next couple of months it will be muzungu city around here.

Thank you for your prayers, please keep them coming. Please do not grow tired of praying for us. If you want to receive our monthly prayer calendar with specific prayer requests on it, send me an email:

And thanks for reading along with us!!!


14 thoughts on “All Things New

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! 15 years have flown by. I love reading about your beautiful lives in Uganda. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Reading another good post while sitting at the beach! Always LOVE hearing God’s work being done through you guys!

  3. I almost get “giddy” reading your post and looking at the photos! How I praise the Lord for His work in all of you and through all of you. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

  4. Happy Anniversary! It looks and sounds like y’all are having a great time! Prayers are with you and the family!

  5. Thank you for the update it was very interesting. The pictures are awesome!! We really liked the one with you all dressed up. Happy 15th anniv.

  6. We enjoy reading your updates and rejoice that all seems to be going well. A belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you! You and your family are truly blessed.

  7. It means so much to us to be able to follow you as you follow God’s leading in your lives. Thanks for sharing and for loving the people of Uganda and teaching your children to love and serve them also.

  8. Happy Anniversary and many, many more. I love reading what God is leading you to do and thanks for the pictures as the faces reflect how much the people love all of you. I pray for you and Uganda.
    Becky Lewis

  9. Love all the updates and photos. This is definitely not my calling, but you and your family are in my prayers for all the great work you are doing. Happy Anniversary!

  10. Wish I was already there. See you in early August as our church planting team of 8 from. GCBC will be there You and your family are welcome to go house to house with us
    Please come to Mt Elgin hotel for an evening of sharing and song.Good food too. Peter Palermo

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