On the Flip-Side

Their skin is a different color. Their hair is strange. They eat weird food. Their work ethic is not like ours. They raise their children in a way that we don’t know. They speak English, but their accent is hard to understand. Sometimes they even scare us. These sentences describe a Muzungu through the eyes of an African. Oh, did you think it was the other way around? So did we. At first.

God, graciously and lovingly, shows us daily that we are not the only ones adjusting around here. We have a whole new family that is welcoming us and teaching us and trying to understand us. We are not easy to figure out either, but thankfully they are patient. We pray that all of us will continue to be teachable, compassionate, loving and full of grace and mercy.

These past few weeks have been some of our busiest. Many random things happening here and there. With that said, I needed help writing this blog-post. The four of us each chose our favorite thing from the past few weeks to share with you. (In a few weeks team season will be over and we will then give you a “summary” of our time with them.)

“My favorite thing was going to CRO [Child Restoration Outreach – a ministry for street kids] because it was very fun. CRO is a place where they don’t have moms and dads to take care of them. They had a field where we could play. We played policeman. I don’t think you know that one. One day you might want to come here and you can come with us to CRO. It would be very fun. If you want to come to Uganda, you have to get shots. It doesn’t really hurt, well, maybe a little bit. If you want to come here it is fine with me, if it is fine with your family. Lulwanda is also a very fun place. But it is not very fun when they are in school. I hope you come here soon.”
~ Lilly





“My favorite thing was when we went hiking up the mountain. It was intense, but it was fun. We went up about a half a mile. When we got to the ladder it got scary because the ladder was metal and it went very high. It was very wobbly, but when we got to the stick ladder then I felt safe because it was not wobbly. We had to go up three ladders. There were two stick ladders and one metal one. When we got to the top of all the ladders, we stopped at a resting point in a carrot patch!!!!! And we still weren’t at the top! I wanted to go higher, but mom and dad didn’t. Two beats one, so, we went down. It didn’t take long. That was the best thing I did this month.”
~ Jackson




“Of the many things we saw, learned and participated in this past month, the one I enjoyed most was the Women’s Bible Study. A team that came held a campus-wide Bible Study and I attended the one held with the home-staff ladies. We each received a new journal. I have known for some time now that I would be meeting with these ladies on a regular basis to study God’s Word, but the timing had not been right. Well, I knew clearly during that first meeting that this was the time. So now, each Tuesday afternoon I meet with these ladies for Bible Study. Right now we are studying the book of Galatians. What a blessing and privilege this is.”

~ Bobbi


“There has been a lot going on this last month, and my days have been scattered all over the place. One of my more interesting days included visiting with Graham Hodgetts who volunteers with CEEDS ministry. Their ministry farms, ships, and sells coffee grown in Uganda to coffee houses in America. CEEDS uses the proceeds from the coffee ministry to dig water wells throughout Uganda. We spent the day going to coffee roasting facilities, coffee cooperatives, and I gave him a tour of our small coffee bean plants that we have at Lulwanda. I learned more about coffee than I ever thought I would. I also learned that we can grow “Arabica Coffee” at Lulwanda and maybe begin our own coffee farm.”
~ Farmer John




11 thoughts on “On the Flip-Side

  1. Sure love reading your updates and seeing the photos! It is helpful to see the cultural adjustment from the Ugandan side. I don’t know that we ever thought that way in China, but we should have.

  2. My husband Rick is there right now with the Books are the Beginning team. He said you all are a wonderful family and have added so much to Lulwanda. Thank you for your dedication and service. May God richly bless His ministry through your footprints!

    • We are really enjoying working with and getting to know Rick! He is a wonderful man! I feel like I know you because Mama Mary Baraka talks about you a good bit. She shows me your pictures and calls you her namesake. Thank you for reading the blog.

  3. I love the pictures and all of your posts. It was cool to hear from the four of you this time. We miss you and pray you are well

  4. It was such a pleasure meeting your precious family while I was there with the Thrasher team. While it is great to be back home in America, I will really miss seeing your family and everyone at Lulwanda. God’s richest blessings to you for all your hard work for His Kingdom.

    • Thank you Bonita! We certainly enjoyed meeting you and working with your team. My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough time with you all. It goes by so fast!! Glad you are home safely. Can’t wait to see you again.

  5. I loved meeting you and your delightful family! Please tell Lilly thank you for my beautiful picture. It’s on my refrigerator & I think of her every time I look at it. Thank you for continuing the Bible Study with the precious Lulwanda women. God bless you.

  6. Hello to all. Curious to know if Jackson and his buddies had some kind of critter coming out of that little cave they built? The kids seem like they adjusted well and praying the same has happened for you. Love all the work you have accomplished and seeing your post. MaryLou

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