A day in the life of a Palmer. In Africa. You could almost say a normal, typical, not so out-of-the-ordinary day. The reason I say almost is because no day is totally the same or even in the same order. But, of course, there are things that occur more often than others. I thought I would share the parts of these days through photos.

School is something we do each weekday. Mondays and Wednesdays we have school at home and then we walk to The Tyler Academy (new missionary school) up the road from us. I teach one class there twice a week. On Wednesdays the children all have P.E. together.




After school Jackson and Lilly can be found doing various things outside. Lilly’s favorite thing to do is play with the dogs or on the new swing John put up. Jackson’s favorite thing to do is practice his bow and arrow skills and check on his pumpkins.




On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays we go to Lulwanda with John. The children and I do school in one of the empty dorm rooms (empty because some of the girls are away at Secondary School). John spends his day doing many things, but often we can find him working in the office on budget items with our accountant, Betty.



For lunch we eat in the main hall. Typically, we eat posho and beans. (Posho is made from ground corn). Notice, for Lilly, forks are now optional as is typical Ugandan style.


Our evenings consist of cooking and eating dinner (often with Natalie our team mate who now lives in the guest house on our compound). We try to make “American” food at home.  It gives us a taste of home.  I have learned to make my own pizza crust.  Pizza Hut won’t be calling for the recipe any time soon, but when you haven’t had real pizza in a while, it is pretty darn good.





Then, if there is power, we often watch an episode of an old television series on DVD. These can be purchased in town for about a dollar.

The last thing we usually do is all crawl into my bed, safe under the mosquito net and read a book together. After prayers, everyone goes to sleep. The end of another day in Africa.




6 thoughts on “Normal?

  1. Thank u so much for letting us know how your everyday lives look. God has blessed all of you in so many ways which turns out to be a blessing to everyone with which you come in contact!! We are still praying about coming out to you next year…and seeing this post is very helpful!

  2. You are always on my mind, thoughts, and continually praying for each of you. After selling my house in Gainesville in September, I have moved into MUCH smaller quarters but I love it and it is home. Just renting now and where the Lord leads me next I will just wait and see.
    I love the photos which gives me knowledge as to where you live, your surroundings, and your daily schedule.
    Kiss and hug those little angels God has blessed you with for me.

  3. It was AMAZING and soooooo touching to see you all this morning! Tears of joy!!!!!! We gasped, as Ryan, myself and our girls pray so much for your serving and safety. Keep touching lives and may He continue to rest His hands upon your family. You guys inspire us to live a stronger, more faithful life and straighter walk in all we do. Much Admiration and Praise! We love you!!!!!! xoxoxo The Heiden Family

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