Well Be Back!

2 Continents, 5 airplanes, 10 beds and over 16,000 miles later we are back in Uganda from our 6-week visit to America. We are back here where it is the hot and dusty season, where electricity is our finicky friend, and where we are a spectacle wherever we go. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are happy to be back.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in America visiting, speaking, eating, and resting. Thank you for spending time with us and loving us well. We are all the better for it. We have a big year ahead of us.







Many things are soon to be happening here such as: making home visits to choose new children to come to Lulwanda, getting Lulwanda Tendo (our new compound in town for our Senior 4 and older students) ready for its new residents, taking the farming program to a new level, team season and visitors! So stay tuned for all of the updates that will be coming your way in the next weeks/months.

I did want to say a special thank you to those of you who prayed for Jackson. God has been faithfully working on his precious heart. Arriving back to Uganda to hear that his village friend died was not something that we expected. Thankfully, we serve a mighty God who is fully aware of all things that have happened, are happening and are yet to come. The end of this post was written to you from Jackson.

“Vincent was a good friend.   He died while we were on furlough. He was bitten by a rabid dog. He died some days later on the way to the hospital. I met him the month when we first got here to visit [July 2013]. We gave him food that we didn’t need. One time he and I chipped bricks. I broke them into medium-size pieces and then passed it through the fence and he made them into smaller pieces. After we got a big pile, a motorcycle ran it over and flattened it so we had to start all over.

I want you to pray for his family. I feel sad for his family. I learned that life on earth is not promising or perfect. I think that he shouldn’t have had to die of rabies. That is a cruel death.”


If you wish to pray specifically for our family we would greatly appreciate it. To get on our prayer list, please send me an email and we will have a prayer calendar sent to you each month. My email address is: bobbipalmer@bellsouth.net

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Well Be Back!

  1. Bobbi, my heart breaks for Jackson and especially for his dear friend’s family. I pray for the work you all are doing and think back fondly so many times on the time we spent together at TJD. It was very obvious to those around you that the Lord was doing a mighty work. What an honor to be a tiny part of that. I love reading your posts and thank you for enlightening us on the work that is going on in Uganda. Sending our love! 🙂

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