Oh, Well!

Well, that is a deep subject. Seven feet by seven feet, to be exact. Thanks to generous donations designated to expanding and improving the Lulwanda farm, the first project is coming to completion – the well. John, Jackson, Farmer James, Sam and several shirtless helpers all worked tirelessly to accomplish this task.

Located on the 10 acres of land farmed by Lulwanda there was rumored to be a spring. If found, this source of water could be a game changer in our current farming practices and future farming plans to become more self-sustaining. So, the digging commenced and within about 5 feet the spring was indeed found. Once that was accomplished, my favorite landscape engineer’s wheels began turning. He meticulously and almost too happily designed a well system that he could not wait to install. Plans were drawn, orders placed and supplies were gathered. After 2 solid days of working until dark, the well was installed.







It is a beautiful foot-pump well that works very similar to a “stair master” and everyone wanted to give it a try. It will supply water to our two upcoming tilapia ponds and our dry-season crops that we plant. It will also provide clean drinking water to our hardworking farmers.



In other news, Easter was a grand celebration at both Lulwanda and the missional community cookout. At Lulwanda, several of our children accepted Jesus as their Savior! Over holiday we will hold a special “new believer” class.


Visits have been made to all of our perspective new children. Please pray for the final decisions. It is not easy, but God is definitely at work. Our hope is that the newest members of our Lulwanda family will be with us by the end of April.


Our first term holiday begins at the end of April. As you know holidays are a very busy time at Lulwanda. We will be busy with all sorts of activities. This is also when “Lulwanda Tendo” (our new secondary compound) will have children in it for the first time.

Jackson and Lilly have been very busy with school. We are trying to finish our year strong. We have been painting, bird watching, reading some great books and learning all sorts of things.



As you can see there are many things happening and soon to be happening. We can’t wait to update you on each of these.

As always, we love you and ask that you continue to pray over this ministry and us. If you have not yet been added to our prayer list and would like to be, please send me an email: bobbipalmer@bellsouth.net


8 thoughts on “Oh, Well!

  1. We are very impressed with the well – Great job by all! Thank you for the update. We enjoyed the pictures.

    Praying for you often,

    Bob and Donna

  2. Wonderful to see and hear the news. Abby is here this weekend and I showed her the pictures. She remembers Lilly and Jackson fondly from Ridge Haven. She enjoys crafts as Lilly does. She wants them to know that she will pray for them. Helen

  3. good use of your landscaping and plumbing and excavation and masonry and well digging skills. job well done . no pun intended.

  4. What a wonderful project, and such a blessing to the Lulwanda community. Thanks for all that you do for this wonderful ministry.

  5. John and Bobbi,

    Oh I should have waited and I could have included a few more details from your blog in our newsletter!

    Did you build another building on your property?

    Great blog!

    Thanks for all you do!

    Hugs, Cathy


  6. What a wonderfully encouraging, God exalting update! We love all the photos and are so thrilled about those who have recently come to Christ. Is the young man that John has his arm around the one who came to Christ just before your furlough?

  7. Your hard work and sacrifices are a blessing to many. Hearing of, and seeing the needs of the people met; is a testimony of you, and Gods great love for the Palmers ministry. Seeing the faces of those precious children says it all. In his love, David

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