“How did she break?” That is the question that I was asked at the hospital and that is the question I continue to get asked everywhere we go. (If you think walking around Uganda with a small muzungu is attention grabbing, try taking a small, broken muzungu.) Lilly is adjusting to life with one leg and crutches. We are adjusting to the horrendous smell of her cast that continues to ripen daily. We have about 3 more weeks of this fun and then we have to convince Lilly that no matter what the small saw sounds like or looks like, it doesn’t hurt and the doctors will do a better job than her daddy with a handsaw as she has requested.

When God brought the word “broken” to my mind with Lilly’s leg, He also gave me a beautiful demonstration of this. We knew that Satan was trying to discourage us and render us ineffective when, all in the same week, we had a car that wouldn’t start, a thief on our compound and Lilly’s broken leg, but we didn’t know why. That is until sweet Egulasi came to John at Lulwanda a few days later and asked him to pray with her to receive Christ.

This is a girl who I would have defined as “broken” when we got here. She is the beautiful young lady who was struggling with panic attacks and depression last year. She is the one who went back to her village last summer (in hopes of alleviating some stress) and found out that her youngest, twin siblings were dead and her other brother, Emma (short for Emmanuel), had run away. When we took in the 12 new little ones, God allowed Emma to be one of those. Egulasi (and the rest of us) watched her brother, Emma, go from a despondent and dejected little boy to an animated and joyful young man at Lulwanda. Not only did his entire countenance change, but Egulasi’s heart did too.

God did that. He continues to do that. He took Egulasi’s broken heart and Emma’s broken spirit and He is graciously and lovingly mending them. Just like Lilly’s leg.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3

And sometimes, He even lets us watch.


Lilly being wheeled into the hospital. The lego box made a good splint.


Preparing her for the first x-ray. Living in this community is a gift from the Lord. That is our friend Jill (also a nurse) who came with us to the hospital.


Before the cast.


Lilly standing beneath to mango tree that she fell out of.

Emma before Lulwanda

Emma before Lulwanda

Emma now

Emma now

Emma being silly

Emma being silly, excuse the finger in the photo, it was too fun of him not to post.

Egulasi a few months back.

Egulasi a few months back.

Egulasi holding Lilly in the car.

Egulasi holding Lilly in the car.

I wanted to include this photo because having friends to visit was a true blessing to our hearts. Katelyn continues to be a huge blessing to us.  God knew we would need her for such a time as this.




4 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Lego boxes are strong. Glad she is healing. Very encouraged by the Lord’s love being poured out in so many ways in and through your family. When I read the updates I feel the weight and love of the mission. Love you guys!


    — Sent from Mailbox

    On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 11:40 AM, The Palmer Post

  2. We have been praying for Lilly and your family. May God continue to supply all your needs. We are in Thailand for 8 wks. Love you all. Betsy

  3. What a blessing these comments were. Here we are over in the USA thinking we are experiencing bad things, but our problems are nothing compared to what others are living daily. May you and your family be blessed in all that you are doing over there. In His care, Robin Couillou ( a friend of Carrie’s at Sugar Hill)

  4. How we rejoice as did the angels in Heaven over this new sister in Christ and how the healing is going on. We have prayed regularly for unity and protection against the work of the enemy. He is certainly not happy with children and adults being rescued out of darkness and brought into the light.

    Thanks so much for sharing the ups and downs of life in Uganda. Our hearts are tender to the work and the people involved.

    With much love,
    Clarke & Rita

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