Simple Things

Sometimes things get busy and complicated. Emotions run wild, feelings get hurt, we forget important events, run ragged from place to place, we are drained, and have no time to just “be”. Those times are what make simple things so wonderful. Wonderfully, simple. I had the pleasure of hostessing the first Lulwanda Women’s Retreat  It was a pure and simple joy to my heart. I love these ladies.

Our women’s Bible study has been meeting for a year now (This includes home-staff only: moms, cooks, laundresses, social worker, accountant, tailor, etc.). In honor of that, we decided a retreat was in order. Most of the uncles and older kids pitched in at Lulwanda so the women could have the day off. They were driven to town, all dressed-up, to meet me at Mt. Elgon Hotel.

The ladies were a mix of emotions: excited, nervous, skeptical, humbled, eager, proud and shy. We had a special speaker, my Dutch friend, Yvonne, who talked with the women about the special talents that God has given each of us. She encouraged them to not just identify them, but to abandoned all fear in using them. Watching them discover these talents was impressive and empowering. We also enjoyed teatime, lunch, pedicures, journal covering and testimony time. As usual, the ones receiving thought they were being blessed while the giver was the one who walked away full.

This retreat was a few weeks ago and do you know they still thank me almost every time they see me? My favorite story from the day wasn’t even from the retreat itself. One of our aunties was reluctant to come to the retreat because she didn’t have anything nice to wear. It was her first trip to Mt. Elgon Hotel and she was scared. One of the house moms found her a dress, fixed her hair and made her look so precious. That mama could have just gotten herself ready like the others and left the scared one home to miss out. But she didn’t, instead she was an example of loving your neighbor well. Simple.


The Arrival


Our meeting room.


Each lady got a gift of a tea mug, tea and sugar.*


Each group wrote down their talents so everyone could see them.*


Discovering our talents.




































Lunch time!


Other happenings around here that I wanted to share with you:


Katelyn driving for the first time!! Don’t worry Leighanne, it was only one road over and she was good at dodging potholes!


We went on a short camping trip.



Boat tour at the source of the Nile.


Who wouldn’t want to eat watermelon with this cute face?


Katelyn learning to make Ugandan banana pancakes.


Science is one of our favorite subjects this year as we study botany. We especially love that daddy can help on his day off!


Testing food for the presence of starch.


We had the pleasure of attending Teacher Francis’ wedding. It was so much fun! Jackson decided to skip this event. “If you’ve seen one wedding, you’ve seen them all.”


Welcoming the bride and groom to the reception.


*Photos taken and contributed by the fabulous Natalie Rolfe. Thanks Nat!


3 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. So excited to hear about the Women’s Retreat! What a blessing for these special friends of ours.
    Thank you for sharing.

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