This Community.

When God called our family to work at Lulwanda Children’s Home, He went before us, as He always does, and prepared a place for our family. He not only grew in us a tremendous love for our Lulwanda family, but also for this amazing Mbale missional community. Next to our prayer partners and our Lulwanda family, these people are vital to our life here.

This community is the body of Christ working and doing life together, every single day. It is amazing to be a part of this community. These people get it. They are in the trenches with us. They celebrate with us and grieve with us.

One of the biggest changes for our family this year has been school. We homeschooled for 3 years and now, this year, Jackson, Lilly and myself are all at Tyler International School with 19 other students and 4 other teachers. Jackson and Lilly are thriving, stretching and doing so well. I am teaching there 3 days per week and I LOVE it.

What pleases me most about being a part of Tyler International School is the support that we are giving to the rest of the missional community by providing a safe place for the children to be educated. Being a missionary kid isn’t easy. They need encouragement and support too, and they have that here, in their friends, families and teachers. The kids being “settled” enables a person to focus on doing his/her job better.

Some of the ministries that Tyler International School directly impacts in this way are:

CURE Children’s Hospital

Jenga (Community Outreach Development)

Livingstone International University

New Testament Churches of Christ

Life Center Ministries Africa

Local Businesses like NewFotoWorld Digital Studio

It would be crazy of me not to mention that there are always teaching opportunities available for people looking to serve God by supporting the people on the ground. (Insert wink and smile emoji.)


This is Mama Flower, who also works at Lulwanda,  who came to teach my art class local crafts.


I love when my Lulwanda family and missional family overlap!


My art students painting their masks.


Youngest art class making woven mats from banana fibers.


Guided drawing scarecrows


Our local collage art.  Despite the mess, they turned out beautifully.


The collages at our first “Art Show”.


Jackson and Lilly at the “Art Show” showing off the finished masks.  Jackson’s is the baboon and Lilly’s is the koala bear.


This is my Lulwanda family celebrating from afar with my Amercian family! We are rejoicing in the salvation of my mom and dad!! There is no greater celebration on earth.


Science class learning about drag/wind resistance.


Science class dissecting owl pellets. One of them had eaten a hedgehog!


Lilly’s class enjoying a tea party after reading “Mary Poppins”.


The boar hole well is finally coming together after many hang-ups.  Another time our missional family meets our Lulwanda family.


Connecting the boar hole with the water tanks.


The new dirt at Lulwanda is now bearing some grass sprigs.  In straight lines!!!


Celebrating with our P7 kids as they take their final PLE (Primary Leaving Exam).


Jackson’s class celebrating a friend’s birthday. Too much fun was had by all.


Lilly and some friends on Halloween.


Preparing our local clay for art class.


Even here in Uganda husbands of teachers get roped into helping.  John came to help build bird houses.


Some friends’ parents are more fun than others.  Or crazier.


I was honored to celebrate my 40th with the school.


This cake lasted about 2 minutes.  Yum! Thanks Megan.


There can’t be enough cake with friends.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for those who unintentionally donated some photos.



12 thoughts on “This Community.

  1. What an honor to know you and see what amazing things God is doing through your family. Do not grow weary in doing good…Hope to see you again soon and we will keep praying for God’s protection and grace in your lives.

  2. We all love reading your blog each month. We all gather around the computer like we’re opening a gift. Every picture lifts our hearts and reminds us of Gods love. Love and miss you all. Happy belated birthday.

  3. Loved reading your words but looking at your pictures tonight, as it is Thanksgiving here. Praying for you all and know God is blessing so many others through you all. Love the Palmers!!!

  4. Thank you for the impact you are making to show God’s love to your African world – and just as important – to the rest of us back home – and especially to your children. I appreciate your sacrifice and your commitment. Blessings, Larry Adams

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